House By The Gate

Est. 2021

Our Experiences

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Winery Events

The exclusive investment club

House by the Gate is a private, exclusive investment club with no more than 200 members and its founders.

Cooperating with a world class algo-team we are using extraordinary, automated trading robots to maximize our financial outcome within the crypto market. The daily compounding is anticipated to increase the return.

In addition to investing money wisely, House by the Gate provide a concierge service where we support our members when they want to spend their coins, found at

Life is Easy

When you’re with us it is easy. Whether you want inspiration on which sports car to buy, find an adventurous travel partner who can recommend the best hotel and the hidden spots that are a must to experience, the club will provide for you.

Proprietary Trading Strategy

We employ a proprietary low risk and low leveraged algorithmic trading strategy with automated execution on several crypto exchanges. The strategy is volatility-based, meaning that it generates excess returns on top of the underlying portfolio by exploiting the high movements in the market. Our formula consists of lightning-fast execution of buy and sell orders and strategies build upon a machine learning framework.

Experienced Team

The team behind the algo has more than 40 years of combined programming, quant and trader experiences from traditional markets and crypto markets.

Maximize Return

Our main objective with the proprietary trading system is to maximize absolute returns for House by the Gates members across bull and bear cycles. With a 24/7 market overwatch, best-in-class security features, a robust platform and results currently exciding our expectations, we have truly created a winning formula. A trading formula that is fully transparent for members once inside the House by the Gates.